Pool resurfacing is one of the main services that we offer to our clients. Over the 30 years that we have been in business, we have gained gold worthy experience and skills that we use to help our customers give their pools a new touch of class and elegance.

We take pride in the fact that we have legal accreditation to offer all types of pool resurfacing and remodeling projects. For instance, if you have a concrete pool and need it to be revamped, we have a team of experts and modern equipment that we can use to dot that for you at a competitive price. In addition, we can repair and install a modern and stunning brick tile pavement around the pool area on your budget.


Our staff is highly trained on how to use the various types of finishes to offer these services. As a reward for our good reputation in the market and consistent delivery of high quality pool remodeling and pool maintenance services, a number of high-end restaurants and resorts contract us to keep their pool upbeat.

Here is a brief description of some of the materials that we use to offer pool resurfacing projects.

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This is also referred to as plaster or whitecoat. We use it to remodel backyard swimming pools in both commercial and residential properties. We use high quality materials to prepare the plaster and use modern techniques to apply it on the walls. The white color creates a clean appearance and an attractive backdrop for pool water. However, we can use different colors to blend with the design of your pool.


We will use high quality epoxy paint to give your pool a new touch without charging you an arm and a leg. One of the highlights of the paint that we use is that it is water and fade resistant. Our team will wear safety gear as they apply the paint and ensure that every part of the pool surface is evenly coated with the paint thereby giving your pool a uniform look.


This is an ideal material if you want to give your pool a high-end or luxurious look. We have what it takes to install high quality tiles in your pool interior. Using our connections, we will help you find a reputable supplier who will provide all the tiles required for the project at an affordable price.

If you are not sure the total amount of money that you need to resurface the pool, we can help you out. We will generate a free quote for you to help make the necessary plans and on top give you a coupon and a discount to reduce your total expenditure.

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